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Sarcasm and an understandable English accent give call centres in the Philippines the edge

The battle of the world’s call centres between the Philippines and India appears to have been won for the moment by the Philippines. Its secret weapon is British sarcasm! Filipino call centres in Manila and Cebu also speak clear understandable English. Whilst this is positive for Filipinos, it is not good for their Indian call centre rivals.

To be honest many British people dislike speaking to British companies who have their call centres based in India. This is because they can’t understand what the operator there is saying! Their Indian English accent can be so dreadful you sometimes need a translator!

New Suez Canal for Egypt

A new Suez Canal is being built in Egypt. It will run alongside the current Suez Canal. The idea is simple – by building a second canal it will allow the number of ships passing through to practically double, thus increasing trade. This will mean a lot more money coming into the Egyptian economy.

The idea is the brainchild of Egypt’s President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi who is hoping the new second canal will kickstart the country’s ailing economy. For the last few years it has been down on its knees; due to the Arab Spring happening and ultimately then falling flat on its face.

Goal mapping, presentations and brainstorming in business

Today, let’s talk about goal mapping, presentations and brainstorming in business.

Visualizing your dreams and ideas can help you stand out from others. It can help you get that promotion! Goal mapping, or business vision as it’s also known, can be done in various ways. All involve using a white board.

One way is to use different coloured marker pens to visualize your ideas on the white board. This can include you creating bar charts, drawings, arrows, writing, mathematical equations, etc… Using this method shows off your individual creativity skills. It makes you look good!

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Should tattoos be allowed in offices?

Should tattoos be allowed in offices? It’s an interesting question. When I did a bit of research on this I was surprised by people’s comments…

Many people now have a tattoo. In Britain one in five people now has a tattoo! Most do cover them up out of fear of losing their jobs. Nevertheless, while tattoos are becoming more accepted, in the workplace they are still a bit taboo.

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Taxi? Or perhaps an Uber Taxi?

Next time you need a taxi think hard. Will you order a taxi or an Uber taxi? To order an Uber taxi you’ll need to download an Uber app. This allows people in many cities around the world to call an Uber taxi for a cheaper price than calling an ordinary taxi. Is this a good idea or not?

The Uber taxi has caused a backlash from thousands of traditional taxi drivers, to the point where thousands of cabbies in cities worldwide have taken to the streets and demonstrated. This has sometimes caused gridlock across cities.

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Google Glass

Today, let’s talk about Google Glass. This is a wearable computer that has an optical headmounted display on a pair of glasses that allows users to video what they see. They can also wake up Glass and say “ok Glass, take a picture” for a hands free way to take a snapshot. Users of Google Glass can also communicate with the internet via natural language voice commands.

Google started selling Google Glass in April 2014 for a limited period for US$1,500. The device became available to the general public in May 2014 for the same price. Currently Google provides four choices of frame for US$225.

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'Smart' meter to cost every UK household £200

Today, let’s talk about ‘smart’ meters. These electronic meters will measure your electric and gas usage. They are meant to replace your existing meters. The catch in the UK is – it will cost YOU £200 to install one, even though legally you don’t need to.

Next year UK energy companies will begin the mass installation of these ‘smart’ meters. The expense of which will be passed on over time to customers. The idea is to save customers money. Seeing as they will cost £214.80 to install, any saving will take at least eight years before anyone begins to benefit!

The £11 billion project is supposed to cut down energy consumption and reduce bills! Really? So far, five EU countries considering similar such plans have decided it would cost more money than it saves.

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Tesco Bank launches current account

Recently Tesco launched its own current account. The supermarket’s aim is to challenge the top four major High Street banks in the UK with Tesco Bank, despite it having only a minimal in-house branch presence.

Tesco claims it will bring competition back to the market that currently offers “ridiculously poor value” to consumers. It said its new current account was without the “smoke and mirrors” offerings, such as charges and introductory deals, used by others.

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