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The Blood Countess

Today, let’s talk about the Blood Countess. Never heard of her? Well, while she was no relation to Count Dracula, her story is equally interesting!

Countess Elizabeth Bathory was actually a real person, as opposed to the fictional character of Count Dracula. Bram Stoker who created Dracula in 1897 is said to have been inspired by Bathory’s real life story.

The Blood Countess acquired her name as she is said to have tortured and killed between 80 to 650 girls. She liked to bathe in the blood of her victims, as she believed the blood of virgin girls would maintain her youthful looks.

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The difference between Czechs and Slovaks

What’s the difference between a Czech and a Slovak? This is not a joke! It could be but for now it is a question for you to think about.

Generally speaking the Czechs, who live in the ‘heart of Europe’, are culturally assertive, more dynamic and are mostly atheist. Their men more ‘cunning’. Having formerly lived under Austrian rule they are regarded as rational good administrators. They look to Germany as a role model, preferring to distance themselves from Eastern Europe.

The Slovaks who had been a part of the Hungarian Empire are regarded as more friendly, proud of their nationality, and are more hospitable. Slovaks are more temperamental, mostly Catholic and are regarded as more romantic. Slovak men are more aggressive. It is said that Slovak women are the most beautiful in the world. They are certainly more beautiful than Czech women.

Czechs have a different mind set and different habits to Slovaks. Czechs like to regard themselves as more superior than Slovaks. This of course is absolute rubbish as both are equal. But it is known the Czechs like to look down on the Slovaks as the poorer class. Czechs are a bit snobbish about their Slovak neighbours...