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New words in Scrabble

Does anyone play Scrabble? Many people like to play the popular board game. The good news for Scrabble lovers is that they can now buy the new version of Collins Official Scrabble Words. This includes an additional 6,500 words to add to the 250,000 words that are already used.

Modern slang has been introduced including bezzy – best friend (28 points), twerking - a type of dance involving rapid hip movement (16 points), and onesie - a one piece garment combining a top with trousers (6 points),

Sarcasm and an understandable English accent give call centres in the Philippines the edge

The battle of the world’s call centres between the Philippines and India appears to have been won for the moment by the Philippines. Its secret weapon is British sarcasm! Filipino call centres in Manila and Cebu also speak clear understandable English. Whilst this is positive for Filipinos, it is not good for their Indian call centre rivals.

To be honest many British people dislike speaking to British companies who have their call centres based in India. This is because they can’t understand what the operator there is saying! Their Indian English accent can be so dreadful you sometimes need a translator!

NFE Christmas Quiz - 2014

Score 10 points for every correct answer – Score 5 points if half right! Play a JOKER in one round and get DOUBLE points in that round. Show it before you start the round. There are 12 rounds with 6 questions in each round.

Topics include:

  1. Current Christmas Music
  2. Santa
  3. International Xmas
  4. Christmas General
  5. Classic Christmas Music
  6. The Nativity Story
  7. A Christmas Mix
  8. Christmas Pot Luck
  9. A UK Christmas
  10. Christmas History
  11. Famous Carols
  12. Another Christmas Mix

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How is your spelling?

Today we will talk about spelling. How is your spelling? Is it very good, okay, not bad, or is it downright terrible? Are you embarrassed by your poor spelling? Do you use a dictionary or online dictionary?

The chances are you’ll use a spellchecker on your computer to help you with any words you are not sure about. Whilst this is not such a bad thing what would you do without it?

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