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More migrant boats sink or capsize in Mediterranean

A huge crisis is unfolding in the Mediterranean Sea as more and more migrants head towards Europe from Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Many migrants are coming from countries like Syria, Somalia and Eritrea, which are all war zones. All want to cross the Mediterranean to Italy and Greece in order to gain entry into Europe and a new life in the European Union. Every day hundreds continue to try their luck from the shores of Tunisia and Libya. Many migrants cross in boats that often fail to make it, resulting in many people drowning.

A European Army?

Does Europe need a European army? According to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker it does. He says the EU needs an EU army to keep back the Russians.

Mr Juncker said that pooling the defence resources of the 28 EU nations could help send a message to Vladimir Putin that its borders would be protected.

Poll: Majority of Britons want Britain to leave EU

Recently an opinion poll in Britain revealed a majority of voters want Britain to leave the European Union. The poll by opinion firm Survation showed that 51% of people in Britain were in favour of the UK leaving the EU, while only 34% wanted to stay with Brussels. The results suggest that support for Britain to withdraw from the EU is at its highest in 30 years. The surge, up 41% on a year ago, is attributed to Britains Daily Express newspaper waging a crusade to get Brits to think again on the EU.

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The Ongoing Euro Crisis

Not a day seems to go by when there isn’t a news story about the Euro crisis. Either it’s ‘The Euro is about to crash’ or ‘Euro saved’. Eurozone leaders are desperate to retain their ‘baby’. They take whatever action they need to keep the Euro intact in the Eurozone.

The fact is that Greece will default, followed by Italy and Spain. Euroland leaders seem to be oblivious to this point. They do know however that letting the Euro fail in places like Greece won’t do anyone in the eurozone or indeed outside it any favours. Recently US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geither urged Eurozone leaders to end divisions over how to solve the eurozone debt crisis.

Eurozone finance ministers meeting in Poland recently once again dithered and delayed a decision on Greece’s next bailout loan. China has also warned eurozone leaders to ‘get your house in order’. It has expressed alarm at the escalating eurozone debt crisis and the joined the United States in urging European leaders for decisive action to stop it damaging the global economy. Worryingly, a banking collapse like that of 2008 is now imminent.

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