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What do you collect?

What do you collect? It’s an interesting question that no doubt has many interesting answers…

You might collect matchboxes or different hats. Some people like to collect dolls or beermats. Frankly the list is endless. Most people these days probably have a dusty collection of CDs and DVDs as the digital age takes over. Many people might still have a pile of old records or cassettes sitting in their attic.

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What would you do without the internet or mobile phone?

What would you do without the internet or mobile phone? Most people can’t imagine life without either! Just think about how many times you log on to the internet. It is addictive!

Most people with mobiles check their emails and SMS messages all day long. They can’t do without their device. They need to play with it all day long. It is a must-have addictive toy they simply can’t do without! For others though it is a necessity for their work.

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Would you have an English lesson at 7.00am?

Would you have an English lesson at 7.00am? Well, would you? It’s an interesting question, and as I discovered it has multiple answers…

There is the student’s point of view and also the teacher’s point of view. You could be a morning person or perhaps an evening person? We are all different. Another thing to consider is: are we talking about having an English lesson at work or at school? The latter could be in a language school or at High School or University. You could be studying at High School now or could be looking back at your time when there.

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