Pudsey the dancing dog goes to Hollywood!

Britain’s Got Talent winner Pudsey ‘the dancing dog’ recently hit Hollywood! The Americans it seems, like the British, can’t seem to get enough of him. The UK’s favourite pet pooch is taking Hollywood by storm, having been flown out on Simon Cowell’s private jet. It appears Pudsey is succeeding where a host of British stars have failed before. Having secured his own book deal and following his success on winning Britain’s Got Talent** his owner, Ashleigh Butler, 17, decided to spend a weekend taking in the sites and sounds of Hollywood with him. During their walkabout they posed for cameras. Pudsey even gave a bus of thrilled tourists an impromptu performance as they looked on in awe. Taking Hollywood in his stride he even donned a pair of sunglasses. Pudsey even smooched with a Stateside girlfriend, as he flirted with a fellow pooch in an LA street while out on ‘walkies’. Naturally, Pudsey and Ashleigh travel around Hollywood in a stretch limo!

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