So how were the Noughties for you?

The Noughties are now over. Another decade has ended. So how were the Noughties for you? Was the era a success or will you regard them like having had a big hangover? How will you remember them? What was the best bit of the Noughties?

There are many things that happened in this era. The TV and newspapers have been full of articles about this decade. It certainly gets one thinking about the Noughties. For example what were the top 5 films of the Noughties? What were the top 5 TV programmes…The top 5 important historical moments…The top 3 records of the era? What were the worst top 3 records?

Who made the headlines during the Noughties? Who were your favourite film stars, musicians and politicians? Which ones did you detest? What were the political scandals of the Noughties? Who got fired? Who triumphed? Who died?

Who were the top 3 best sportsmen and women? What were the top 3 sports events of the decade? How did society change in the Noughties? Were we better or worse off? What new gadgets did we start using? Just how did the financial crisis hit you at the end of the Noughties?