Yemen cargo bombs foiled

An international terror alert was sparked recently at East Midlands airport in Britain after several bomb making devices were discovered. The devices were en route from Yemen to several synagogues in Chicago, USA.

Just before their discovery an MI6 officer responsible for Yemen late on Thursday night received a tip-off from a local source of a possible Al-Qaeda plot to smuggle bombs to America on board a cargo plane. They were said to have been placed in the holds of cargo planes that had already taken off from Sana’a, the capital of Yemen, a country that has become one of the key fronts in the battle against Islamic terrorists.

Both flights were bound for Chicago. One was flying via Dubai, the other via the East Midlands, as it needed a fuel stop. Having passed the information on it became a race against time on three continents to intercept the bombs.

At 3.30am officers from Leicestershire police were asked to check the hold of the UPS mail plane after it landed at East Midlands airport. They discovered a suspect package in a sealed cargo container. It was addressed to a synagogue in Chicago. The parcel contained an office-sized printer cartridge, which had a small circuit board and wires crudely attached and white powder inside it rather than the black toner powder it should have contained.

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