A visit to Budapest!

Many people who visit Central Europe like to visit Budapest. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The mighty river Danube flows majestically north to south right through its centre. The city is rightly known as ‘The Queen of the Danube’. It is also known as the ‘City of Spas’, as there are a dozen thermal spa complexes served by over a hundred thermal springs.

Budapest was created out of the unification of the historic towns of Buda, Pest and Óbuda (old Buda) in 1873. Today the city covers an area of 200 square miles. It is home to a population of 1.8m people. Buda and Óbuda occupy about a third of the area and are situated mainly in the hills to the west, with commercial Pest on the plains to the east. There are three islands in the middle of the river Danube. They are Margaret Island, which is the most famous, Óbuda Island, and Csepel Island.

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