A visit to London

London is probably the world’s most visited city, such is its popularity. It draws in visitors from all over the globe. It is a huge city. So what should one see in London?

Tourists should try a ride on a double decker bus; go on a journey on the London Underground and a trip in a London cab. Traditional sites to see include London Bridge and Tower Bridge. These are the two most famous bridges that cross the river Thames.

HMS Belfast is located in between and is well worth a visit. The nearby Tower of London offers visitors the chance to see the crown jewels, the ravens and the Yeomanry of the Guard. The West End is for shopping. The area includes Oxford Street, Tottenham Court Road, Regent Street and Piccadilly. Here you can see the legendary Eros statue.

If you go to Buckingham Palace in the summer you can go around it. Maybe take afternoon tea with the Queen. Maybe not! You could visit 10 Downing Street and see British Prime Minister David Cameron’s residence.

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