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New words in Scrabble

Does anyone play Scrabble? Many people like to play the popular board game. The good news for Scrabble lovers is that they can now buy the new version of Collins Official Scrabble Words. This includes an additional 6,500 words to add to the 250,000 words that are already used.

Modern slang has been introduced including bezzy – best friend (28 points), twerking - a type of dance involving rapid hip movement (16 points), and onesie - a one piece garment combining a top with trousers (6 points),

Great Traditional Board Games

Today, let’s talk about great traditional board games. Perhaps the obvious one is chess? Traditionally it is played on a chess board and involves two players. Chess pieces include the King, Queen, Knights, Bishops, Rooks and Pawns, which are either black or white in colour. The winner is when one person checkmates their opponent.

Perhaps you might fancy a game of draughts? Once again it involves two people who play the game using a black and white draught board and circular black or white draught pieces.