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EU Migrant Crisis: Hungary to Build Fence

The EU migrant crisis deepens by the week. Europe is being overrun by migrants. Yet the unelected leaders in Brussels do nothing except utter a lot of hot air. They seem to care more for the migrants coming in than its own citizens.

Exasperated with a lack of action and decision making Hungary has taken action. The country will build a 175km (110 miles) long, 4 metre-tall (13-foot) fence right across the southern part of Hungary that connects it to Serbia. Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó said it is doing so because the EU is ‘too slow to act’. The migrants coming into the EU seek a better life. They want to get to Britain, Holland, France and Sweden.

More migrant boats sink or capsize in Mediterranean

A huge crisis is unfolding in the Mediterranean Sea as more and more migrants head towards Europe from Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Many migrants are coming from countries like Syria, Somalia and Eritrea, which are all war zones. All want to cross the Mediterranean to Italy and Greece in order to gain entry into Europe and a new life in the European Union. Every day hundreds continue to try their luck from the shores of Tunisia and Libya. Many migrants cross in boats that often fail to make it, resulting in many people drowning.

Is the Mediterranean diet best?

Is the Mediterranean diet best? Ask any Greek, Spanish or Italian person and they’ll tell you yes, it is! Eating a Mediterranean diet on a regular basis certainly helps tackle obesity.

Doctors writing in the latest edition of the Postgraduate Medical Journal said recently that a Mediterranean diet quickly reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes. They also said it may be better than low-fats diets for sustained weight loss.

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