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What do you think of National Service?

Today, let’s talk about national service. It is something I hadn’t given much thought to, but when one of my students suggested I do a lesson on it I thought, why not?

National Service is the name used for compulsory government service. This is usually conscripted military service. It is typically for male citizens around the age of 18, who have to enrol for one to two years’ of military service.

A European Army?

Does Europe need a European army? According to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker it does. He says the EU needs an EU army to keep back the Russians.

Mr Juncker said that pooling the defence resources of the 28 EU nations could help send a message to Vladimir Putin that its borders would be protected.

What is happening in Burma?

What is happening in Burma? That’s the question. Burma or Myanmar, as it’s also known, appears to undergoing change. In recent weeks news stories coming out of the country report there has been considerable change by the newly elected government since it took office.

The most significant change was the release of Aung Sang Su Kyi from house arrest. This in itself speaks volumes. Her release to the world watching was as significant as when Nelson Mandela was released in South Africa.

After decades of repression, political prisoners, people being killed by the regime etc, there appears to be change by its leaders, most of whom have crossed from old military leaders to supposedly elected leaders. Many people are still scared to talk about all this, especially those in the country. You can’t blame them and for that reason it is a hot topic to discuss now.

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New generation of airships to transport goods around the world

The US space agency NASA is working on a project aimed at revolutionising the way cargo is transported around the world. A new generation of airships using helium rather than hydrogen is set to transport goods around the world that could replace ships, railways and lorries as a means of carrying freight. The first prototype is expected to make its maiden voyage next year.

Scientists leading the project predict airships capable of carrying hundreds of tonnes of cargo at a time will be airborne by the end of the decade. It comes more than 70 years after the Hindenburg disaster, which brought to an end the earlier airship era. With the development of modern materials and aerodynamics knowledge gained from the space race means that the new generation will be capable of safely carrying loads that could not be carried before.

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