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A visit to Bratislava

If you fancy visiting Central or Eastern Europe, would like a refreshing change and an interesting place to visit, then could I suggest Bratislava in Slovakia? It’s smaller than nearby Prague, Budapest or Vienna but is most certainly worth a visit, as many visitors have recently discovered.

The Slovak capital city, which is situated on both sides of the river Danube, has had its name since 1919. Previously it was known as Pressburg by the Austrians and Pozsony by the Hungarians. In fact, many Austrians and Hungarians still refer to the city using these names. It was also known as Possonium in Latin.

Today Bratislava has a population of 430,000. It is the youngest capital city in Europe. Bratislava is situated on the edge of the small Carpathian Mountains; to its west is the Austrian border; to the south is the Hungarian border.

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Haiti – International Rescue

Help from around the world is now arriving in Haiti following the devastating earthquake that hit the country recently. The tiny Caribbean country that is one of the poorest in the world was hit by the 7.0 magnitude earthquake on January 12. More than 3m people have been affected.

President Obama has been joined by former Presidents George W Bush and Bill Clinton in organising help. Together they are spearheading a fund raising drive to help survivors of the Haiti earthquake and are urging people to send cash to help the relief effort.

Meanwhile, authorities in Haiti now say as many as 200,000 people may have died following Tuesday’s earthquake. It has prompted a worldwide humanitarian response from different governments as rescuers race to save people still in the rubble.

So how were the Noughties for you?

The Noughties are now over. Another decade has ended. So how were the Noughties for you? Was the era a success or will you regard them like having had a big hangover? How will you remember them? What was the best bit of the Noughties?

There are many things that happened in this era. The TV and newspapers have been full of articles about this decade. It certainly gets one thinking about the Noughties. For example what were the top 5 films of the Noughties? What were the top 5 TV programmes…The top 5 important historical moments…The top 3 records of the era? What were the worst top 3 records?

Who made the headlines during the Noughties? Who were your favourite film stars, musicians and politicians? Which ones did you detest? What were the political scandals of the Noughties? Who got fired? Who triumphed? Who died?

Who were the top 3 best sportsmen and women? What were the top 3 sports events of the decade? How did society change in the Noughties? Were we better or worse off? What new gadgets did we start using? Just how did the financial crisis hit you at the end of the Noughties?

Great British dishes!

Food is always a good talking point in any conversation. So today, let’s talk about some Great British food dishes. Britain has some fabulous mouth watering choices. So what are they?

Well, let’s start with one of the most popular – freshly bought fish and chips from the fish and chip shop. In England, cod is the favourite fish in the south; haddock in the north. The chips are sprinkled with salt and vinegar. Northerners like mushy peas with theirs.

Another British dish is Steak and Kidney Pudding or Pie. The former is made with suet, the latter with pastry. Both are filled with succulent cut-up pieces of British beef and ox kidney. They are delicious with potatoes and English vegetables and some Lea & Perrin’s Worcestershire sauce.

A similar traditional pub meal is pie and mash. These days pie is made with beef. More than 50 years ago however, Londoners from the East End made this pie with jellied eels, as eels were then cheaper than beef.

New super sweet tomato hits the shelves!

A revolutionary new tomato tasting, as sweet as a peach, recently hit the shelves in the UK. The new Sugardrop tomato is the sweetest tomato ever created and is a natural hybrid of two different varieties of the fruit. It has been developed to encourage children to eat more healthily and for those people who have a sweet tooth. Because of its unusual taste it is expected to appeal to those people who find the normal versions too sharp.

The breed is the result of 2 years of trials involving 3,000 different tomato varieties. It was developed for supermarket giant Tesco. The new tomato has been grown on the Costa Calida, in Murcia, southwest Spain and by the chain’s grower Paloma.

Because of the highly competitive nature of the food world, the creators are not even revealing which 2 varieties were crossed to create the fruit. They fear that because of the potential of the Sugardrop other rival growers will try and copy it to muscle in on the ₤520m UK market.

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