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Euro 2012

Today, let’s talk about the European Football Championship that is taking place this year in Poland and Ukraine. Commonly known as Euro 2012 the championship will bring the best European teams together for what, no doubt, will be another exciting tournament.

The 2012 UEFA European Football Championship will be the 14th Championship for national European football teams organised by UEFA. This year’s tournament will be between the 8th June and the 1st July. It is the first time either country has hosted the event. The tournament will be between the final 16 nations.

The winner of the tournament gains automatic entry into the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup hosted by Brazil. Host cities in Poland for Euro 2012 are: Warsaw, Gdansk, Wroclaw and Poznan. In Ukraine, the host cities are: Kiev, Lvov, Donetsk and Kharkov. The semi finals will take place in Donetsk and Warsaw. The final will take place at the Olympic Stadium (Capacity 60,000) in Kiev.

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Interactive Whiteboards

Today we will talk about how education was taught in the past, how it is taught today and how it might be taught in the future. In particular we will look at an exciting new way of teaching subjects to students in classrooms using interactive whiteboards. Before we do, let’s quickly go over some of the old fashioned ways lessons were, and current ways lessons are, presented in the classroom.

To begin with in the past most schools taught their pupils using blackboards using mostly white and coloured chalk. In my day, it was like this! Books were also used. In some classes we had whiteboards using black or coloured marker pens.

During the last decade this evolved into overhead projectors, where teachers could write on a clear plastic sheet that projected and magnified the written matter onto the whiteboard. Teachers or students could present whatever they had prepared on the clear plastic for overhead use.

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The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

This year The Queen celebrates 60 years on the throne. The British Monarch will be celebrating her Diamond Jubilee at the beginning of June. Special celebrations will take place across Britain between 2-6 June.

The Queen came to the throne on 6th February 1952. Her coronation took place on the 2nd June 1953. She celebrated her Silver Jubilee (25 years) in 1977 and her Golden Jubilee (50 years) in 2002. The only other Monarch to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee was Queen Victoria in 1897.

Communities around the country will be celebrating the specially extended bank holiday weekend between the 2-5 June. During this particular weekend The Queen will be at several events including the Epson Derby on Saturday 2nd June. Sunday 3rd June will see the fourth annual Big Lunch (street parties countrywide) take place. Anyone who wants to celebrate this can do so on this day.

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Plastic waste increases in North Pacific

Today let’s talk about the vast increase in plastic waste in the North Pacific. All across the area you will find huge amounts of floating debris. Data, published recently, by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in California, says the quantity of small plastic fragments floating in the North Pacific has increased a hundred fold over the last 40 years.

Scientists from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography documented the big rise when they trawled the waters off California. They were able to compare their plastic “catch” with previous data for the region. The group reported its findings in The Journal of Biology Letters.

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Jamie Oliver: We need cookery lessons in schools

One of the UK’s most famous chefs, Jamie Oliver, has urged the British government to introduce cookery teaching into schools to help fight obesity. In a letter to the Prime Minister, Mr Oliver, alongside leading health figures, call on him to introduce a minimum 24 hours of practical cooking lessons and food education for all pupils aged four to 14. The group laments that the “pride” of hosting the Olympic Games has been tainted by the shameful fact that Britain is officially “the fattest nation in Europe”.

Teaching children through the National Curriculum how to prepare nutritious meals for themselves and their families would be an important step in tackling the rising obesity epidemic, the letter argues. Without these skills, people are less likely to exercise control over their diet and food intake, and tend to rely on pre-prepared food or takeaway meals, the campaigners add.

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Top 10 cars sold in April in UK & USA

Today let’s talk about cars. It’s a topic we all like to discuss with our friends - so why not in an English lesson? Car sales statistics for April 2012 have recently been published so I thought it a good idea to compare the UK and USA figures. The UK figures do, I believe, represent the number of vehicles registered in April rather than those actually sold.

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Create your own top 20 ‘Bucket List’

Today I thought we could talk about creating your own ‘Bucket List’. What is that I hear you ask? It is a list of things to do before you die.

Most of us have still got a few years ahead of us however I thought it would make a good talking point in an English lesson. Of course, there was the 2007 movie called ‘The Bucket List’ starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson.

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Cockney cash

Next time you go down to your ATM machine consider the language you will choose when you get your cash. Will it be in your language, or in English, French, German or something else? What about Cockney? If you are in London, especially around the East End of London, those people going to the London Olympics this year might just be surprised to see the choice of Cockney as a language choice when withdrawing cash from an ATM (Cashpoint, Bancomat, hole in the wall, cash) machine.

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50 things to do outdoors before you are 12

Think back to when you were 12 or younger. What did you do? Did you fly a kite or build a den? Did you throw some snow or hunt for treasure? My generation did all these things.

Today what do kids do? Many play on their Playstation or X-Box. They spend a lot of time on their computers. Many fail to go outside in the real world. A lot of adults find this quite alarming. To the point where in Britain the National Trust has recently published a top 50 list of ‘Things to do before you’re 11¾’.

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20 Spitfires buried in Burma during WWII to be unearthed

Recently a fascinating story caught my eye. It’s about 20 Spitfires buried in Burma at the end of World War II that have suddenly been discovered! It’s like something out of a boy’s adventure book or an Indiana Jones story. A British farmer’s quest to find a squadron of legendary fighter planes lost in Burma during the war has finally paid off.

Lincolnshire farmer David Cundall, 62, has spent about US$207,000, travelled to Burma a dozen times and negotiated with the cagey Burmese government. All in the hope of finding a stash of iconic British Spitfires that are buried somewhere in the South Eastern Asian country.

Burying planes might sound a bit odd but was commonplace at the end of WWII as the conflict wound down and new jet aircraft replaced propeller-driven fighters. Many aircraft were scrapped, buried or sunk by Allies Forces in order to prevent them from falling into enemy hands.

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