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Cecil the Lion Killed by American Poacher

Recently, we heard the sad news that Cecil the lion had been killed by an American poacher in Zimbabwe. Dr Walter Palmer, a dentist and a father of two from Bloomington, Minnesota, USA, is now begging forgiveness. He said he didn’t know he was breaking Zimbabwe law by killing the defenceless African lion, or for that matter that Cecil had been coaxed away from the game reserve he lived on.

Introducing Caroline Hartley…

Today, let me introduce you to Caroline Hartley. She is the lead character in my new book that has recently been published by iUniverse. It is an adventure story for children and adults. There are four books in the initial Caroline Hartley series. Book One has just been released. The other three books will be released periodically.

Caroline Hartley and the Magic Key is the brand new fictional novel by D.J. Robinson. It is available from all good bookshops and on many book webpages online including Amazon. It is available in three formats: Paperback, Hardcover and Kindle edition (e-book).

Education in the UK today

Today, let’s talk about education in the UK. The framework is different to that of Continental Europe.

To begin with there is nursery school. This is for children aged 3-5. Primary school follows for children aged 5-11. This is split into two segments; Infants aged 5-7 followed by Juniors aged 7-11. Secondary school is for students aged 11-18. Students take their GCSEs when they are 16. Students aged 16-18 can take their A levels for the next two years in the school 6th form.

What do you think of National Service?

Today, let’s talk about national service. It is something I hadn’t given much thought to, but when one of my students suggested I do a lesson on it I thought, why not?

National Service is the name used for compulsory government service. This is usually conscripted military service. It is typically for male citizens around the age of 18, who have to enrol for one to two years’ of military service.

Sunday trading laws in England and Wales set to be relaxed

Today, let’s talk about Sunday trading in the UK. Currently smaller shops are allowed to open all day on a Sunday. Shops over 280m² are allowed to open for up to six hours.

British Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osbourne, is set to unveil plans to allow shops in England and Wales to open for longer on Sundays. The proposal comes after larger shops were allowed to open for longer during the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London in 2012.

The Migrant Crisis at Calais

Today, let’s talk about the crisis in Calais and the reasons why it is happening. The French port is suffering from a deluge of migrants who are all trying to get to England.

Why? Because they seek a better life from the one they have escaped from. The French authorities practically encourage the migrants, who are trying to get onto lorries and coaches bound for England either through the Channel Tunnel or via the lorries that use the cross channel ferries.

Back to the Future: “Great Scott Marty, it’s 2015!”

Back to the Future: “Great Scott Marty, it’s 2015!” Movie fans will no doubt remember the cult comedy classic ‘Back to the Future II’ movie starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. In it, Marty McFly and his famous sidekick ‘Doc’ Brown go forward in time to 2015!

In the real world we are now in 2015, so just how much did the movie-makers of 1989 get right in their futuristic vision of 2015? Well, there are flying cars in 2015, including the Slovak AeroMobil 3.0 – prototype and the US Terrafugia. These cars remain for the few and rich and are still extremely limited.