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An imaginary road trip to the airport

Today, let’s talk about traffic signs and travelling around town in a vehicle. In order to help you I am going to take you on an ‘imaginary’ road trip to the airport. Sit back – here we go…

I have just finished teaching an English lesson. I am short of time so instead of taking a bus I take a taxi. We are heading to the airport where I am going to meet a friend. We are currently on a motorway. Ahead is a traffic jam. We sit there for ten minutes. It looks like several drivers have had accidents. All were driving too fast – idiots! A car in front then edges forward, doesn’t look ahead at the car stopping in front of him – Bang! Another idiot driver.

Further up is the real cause of the delay. A three car accident with one vehicle written off. Nasty! One passenger is injured. An ambulance has just arrived. Two police cars are also in attendance. Interestingly the drivers and their passengers are wearing fluorescent coats on the road outside their vehicles.

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