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Tesla launches new electric car

Recently popular luxury electric carmaker Tesla Motors revealed to the world its much anticipated Tesla Model 3. The new prototype electric car was unveiled by Tesla CEO Elon Musk at Tesla’s Los Angeles design studio in California, USA.

The new Model 3 will have a starting price of US$35,000. However, it won’t be available till the end of 2017. It can be ordered in many countries around the world including the UK, India, China and New Zealand. It will be Tesla’s first mass produced electric car.

In the first two days alone pre-orders surpassed 276,000. Every car was secured by a deposit of US$1,000 or similar in other currencies. Unlike deposits for iPhones, the Tesla deposits are fully refundable.

Great Scott Marty! DeLoreans to come back to the future and be rebuilt!

Great Scott Marty! DeLoreans are coming back to the future to be rebuilt! The famous DeLorean sports car made famous by the movie franchise Back to the Future is set to go back into production more than 33 years since the last one was built.

The rights to the DeLorean name are now owned by the Texas-based DeLorean Motor Company (not related to the original). It sells refurbished DeLoreans. However, due to a change in US laws, the cars no longer satisfy modern safety regulations, so as long as no fewer than 325 are made each year, the company will now be able to build the Delorean as well. One executive described this as a ‘game changer!’

Driverless Cars

Today, let’s talk about driverless cars. Would you go in one? Moreover, would you feel safe in one? The subject is hopefully a good talking point!

Google recently introduced us to their driverless car. To begin with they are building 100 of them. Their project has been several years in the making. It is a step forward in car technology.

A brief history of electric cars

Thomas Parker is said to have invented the first electric car. It went onto the streets of London in 1884. Parker was responsible for innovations such as electrifying the London Underground.

A decade later Walter C. Bersey designed a fleet of electric London taxis. These started operating on London’s streets in 1897. They were soon nicknamed ‘the hummingbirds’ because of the humming noise they made.

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Would you buy an electric or hybrid car?

Would you buy an electric or hybrid car? Well, would you? Every month car manufacturers are introducing new models; some of which are hybrid cars; others are 100% plug in electric cars.

A hybrid engine combines an electric motor with a petrol engine. This saves you fuel while still getting ample power. If the petrol engine isn’t running they are also quiet. You thus save money by not having to buy so much petrol. When the engine is running they charge themselves.

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The wonderful potholes on our roads!

Today, let’s talk about the potholes on our roads. You’ll find them in every town, city and in greater numbers in the countryside. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are more dangerous than others.

Flooding and long spells of freezing temperatures cause potholes and the decay of roads. Poor quality road construction caused by corrupt officials putting the money in their pockets then using sub-standard materials is another cause.

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Top 10 cars sold in April in UK & USA

Today let’s talk about cars. It’s a topic we all like to discuss with our friends - so why not in an English lesson? Car sales statistics for April 2012 have recently been published so I thought it a good idea to compare the UK and USA figures. The UK figures do, I believe, represent the number of vehicles registered in April rather than those actually sold.

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Women more attracted to men in expensive cars

It is a well-known fact that women prefer men with expensive cars. Now research has proved this point – Britain’s Daily Telegraph recently reported. A university team at the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff showed women pictures of the same man sitting in two cars – a £70,000 silver Bentley Continental and a battered old Ford Fiesta.

The women who were aged between 21-40, picked the man sitting in the Bentley ahead of the same man in the Ford. Dr Michael Dunn from the university said, “It shows women rate a man higher if he is behind the wheels of a fancy motor rather than an old banger.”

The findings published recently in the British Journal of Psychology show that men are more interested in a woman’s looks not her motor. The researchers say the men tested in the same way are not impressed by whatever car a woman drives because they judge purely on her face and figure.