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Plague warning given: The Black Death spreads in Madagascar

The plague is a disease that killed millions of people across Europe during the Middle Ages. It became known as the Black Death.

It appears the killer disease is back. This time it is in Madagascar, which is a holiday destination island off the coast of south east Africa. Since August, 124 people have been killed by the deadly disease. A total of 1,133 people have been affected by the outbreak of the disease. According to the latest WHO analysis, there is a ‘very high risk’ of the disease spreading.

Nearby countries and overseas territories; including South Africa, Ethiopia, the Seychelles, Tanzania, Mauritius, La Réunion, Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania, as well as the Comoros Islands, which are a small group of islands near Madagascar, have all been put on alert.

Meals children should be able to cook by the time they are 11

Today, let’s talk about meals that children should be able to cook by the time they are 11. These include scrambled egg on toast, cheese on toast, sausage and mash, as well as porridge.

There are many other easy meals that kids can prepare. These include roast chicken, meatballs and a stew. By the age of 11 children should also be able to prepare desserts, such as fairy cakes, sponge cakes and apple crumble.

When faced with the challenge of preparing their own meal, most 11 year olds might just head for McDonald’s. It could also be a 3 minute ready meal in the microwave or a take away.

Fancy a cuppa British grown tea?

Fancy a cuppa British grown tea? You might say they don’t have tea plantations in Britain. Surprisingly, yes they do. British tea is now grown in Scotland and Cornwall, and what’s more, it’s a rapidly growing business.

Climate change is one reason why this is happening. The cool, wet British climate is now ideal, as it is helping the plantations to thrive. British entrepreneurship and business is another reason. The result is, exports of British tea are now causing a stir in China and Japan.

At the Tregothnan tea plantation in Truro, Cornwall, yields are about 35% higher than in 2015. This is due to the very wet and mild winter and the perfect tea growing conditions this year.

What are the best and worst end-of-life care countries in the world?

Today, we are going to talk about what are the best and worst countries in the world for end-of-life care. It’s a bit of a morbid subject talking about death. Unless we die in an accident, have a heart attack or massive stroke, we will all face the moment at some point in our lives. Perhaps we should think about where we might want to pop off?

End-of-life care is important. Many of us will die long before we get to this point. Those of us that don’t might be looked after by our children or grandchildren - assuming we have some that is. We might get home help and social help. When these aren’t enough we end up in care homes. These can be state run or privately run. The latter cost an arm-and-a-leg, whichever country you live in.

Ebola threat to the world

Today, let’s talk about the deadly Ebola threat that is spreading itself across Western Africa. Every day many people are dying from it, including doctors who are treating their patients.

Recently yet another doctor died in Liberia, despite taking an experimental anti-Ebola drug. The drug called ZMapp has been credited with helping several patients recover, including two US doctors.

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CrossFit - The new fitness sport

Today, let’s talk about CrossFit. This is a structured, sport-specific programme that includes; running, biking, swimming, and rowing. It can also include Olympic lifts, powerlifting, gymnastic movements, as well as other activities.

CrossFit allows one to forge a broad, general and inclusive fitness. It is defined as that which optimises fitness. It is also an effective way to get fit. Anyone can do it but you need to be sports oriented! Like with most sports, progression is the step to going forward. Most Crossfitters have a program to follow and a trainer to assist them.

Should women have hairy armpits?

Should women have hairy armpits? Well, should they? It’s a good talking point. Why do people think hairy armpits are ok for men but not for women? It is true most men today prefer to see women without hairy armpits, but why?

Some women, like Pixie Lott, in 2012, are proud to have hairy armpits! Julie Roberts once revealed hers at the movie premier of Notting Hill. The German pop singer Nena famously flashed her pits when she sang ‘99 Red Balloons’.

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50 things to do outdoors before you are 12

Think back to when you were 12 or younger. What did you do? Did you fly a kite or build a den? Did you throw some snow or hunt for treasure? My generation did all these things.

Today what do kids do? Many play on their Playstation or X-Box. They spend a lot of time on their computers. Many fail to go outside in the real world. A lot of adults find this quite alarming. To the point where in Britain the National Trust has recently published a top 50 list of ‘Things to do before you’re 11¾’.

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British women are officially the fattest in Europe

British women are the fattest in Europe. The deeply worrying statistics are contained in a report from Eurostat***, the EU’s statistical agency, which compares obesity levels in 19 countries from 2008-2009. According to alarming figures a quarter are obese – so fat it threatens their health. The figure is far higher than in other countries of Western Europe. British men are not much better, with more than one in five classed as obese.

Experts are concerned by the young age at which so many women in Britain are developing serious weight problems. A disturbing 16% of young women aged 18-24 are obese – up to 16 times higher than many other European countries where the rate is between 1% and 3%. Young men are doing better, around 6% are obese, but a worrying one third of men aged 45-64 are obese in Britain. Only in the U.S. and Ireland*, which are not included in the league table, have higher obesity rates in the developed world.

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Coffee and chocolate are the key to a long life

Coffee and chocolate are among the key foods and drinks needed to live a long and healthy life. Tea is another. These form part of a list of 20 “lifespan essential” foodstuffs that has been drawn up by Professor Gary Williamson from the department of food science at Leeds University in England.

Fruits and vegetables dominate the list. All are rich in naturally occurring chemicals, known as polyphenols, which have been linked to a variety of health benefits including protection against heart disease.

The 20 suggested lifespan essential foodstuffs on the list: apples, blackberries, black tea, blueberries, broccoli, cereal bran, cherries, cherry tomatoes, coffee, cranberries, dark chocolate, green tea, oranges, peaches, plums, raspberries, red grapes, red onions, spinach and last but not least strawberries.

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