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A visit to the dentist

Today, let’s talk about a visit to the dentist. It’s a place all of us at some point in our lives end up visiting. Most people hate going, as the thought of having a filling or a tooth removed generally puts the fear of god up them.

Many dental practices have a waiting room. Some magazines generally sit in a pile on a table next to some chairs. Fish tanks used to be popular in waiting rooms.

A spoonful of sugar…

“A spoonful of sugar… helps the medicine go down - in a most delightful way.” These lyrics come from the movie Mary Poppins. Is it true?

The World Health Organisation recently urged people to reduce their sugar intake. The new guidelines recommend no more than 10% of a person’s daily energy should come from sugars – around 50g or 12 teaspoons a day. Experts (whoever they are) say that people should aim for 5% - 25g or 6 teaspoons a day. It is said that lowering one’s sugar intake decreases the risk of obesity and tooth decay.

Is the Mediterranean diet best?

Is the Mediterranean diet best? Ask any Greek, Spanish or Italian person and they’ll tell you yes, it is! Eating a Mediterranean diet on a regular basis certainly helps tackle obesity.

Doctors writing in the latest edition of the Postgraduate Medical Journal said recently that a Mediterranean diet quickly reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes. They also said it may be better than low-fats diets for sustained weight loss.

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A visit to a hospital

Today let’s talk about a visit to a hospital. Many of us will have visited someone in hospital. You might have needed to visit or stay in hospital yourself. Hospitals can be state or privately run.

If you have an accident and need to go to hospital you normally go to the Accident and Emergency Department (A&E). If it is a serious accident you will go there in an ambulance. All patients coming to A&E are cared for by doctors and nurses. Sometimes there is a long wait, which can be a bit frustrating.

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Night work can ‘throw your body into chaos’

New research has shown that working nights can throw your body into chaos. It could also cause long-term damage. It is already known that shift work can lead to higher rates of ovarian cancer, as well as breast cancer.

Night work can lead to obesity and type 2 diabetes. One can suffer a stroke or have a heart attack. Shift work can also have an adverse effect on one’s lifestyle.

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