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New lesson layout and new video lessons!

Today, let’s talk about this English lesson! Let me explain further. You are learning English. Some of you will learn it through these lesson plans. I have introduced two major changes to these lesson plans.

Firstly, they have shrunk in size from eight to four pages. This makes them more compact and manageable, especially for a 60 minute lesson, as opposed to a 60-120 minute lesson it was before. It also saves paper! This is important if there is a large group, especially when photocopies are needed!

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Why English is the most important language in the world

Today, let’s talk about why English is the most important language in the world. Considering the size of the country it beggars belief how the English language has remained at the forefront of languages students desire to learn. Of course, the question is why? There are many answers to this. In this lesson we will explore a few thoughts on this subject.

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Cripes! Spiffing English words dying out

Cripes! Thanks to the Twitter generation some spiffing words in the English language are slowly dying out. Traditional words like ‘balderdash’ and ‘cripes’ are being replaced with modern trendy shortened text-style terms like ‘lol’, ‘jel’ and ‘soz’. In fact, a quarter of us use these terms in verbal conversations, as well as using them in written communication on mobile phones, emails and social media sites.

There has been a significant decrease in the words which our parents and grandparents used to utter on almost a daily basis. According to researchers ‘bally’ and ‘swell’ are among words that Brits said they don’t use anymore. Just nine per cent used the word ‘bogus’, ten per cent have used ‘fiddlesticks’ and only three quarters have used ‘oopsy-daisy’.

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English lessons for today’s diplomats!

English is the business language of the world. You can thank the British Empire for that, not to mention today’s internet. So it is vital for those in international business to be able to speak English. It doesn’t matter whether it’s British English, American English or Australian English, so long as it’s English is all that matters.

The English language is one of the preferred choices of the diplomatic community; French being the other. However, in today’s world if you are a diplomat, or wish to be one, then knowledge of the English language is vital! Taking English lessons is an important way of learning the language.

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