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What would you do without the internet or mobile phone?

What would you do without the internet or mobile phone? Most people can’t imagine life without either! Just think about how many times you log on to the internet. It is addictive!

Most people with mobiles check their emails and SMS messages all day long. They can’t do without their device. They need to play with it all day long. It is a must-have addictive toy they simply can’t do without! For others though it is a necessity for their work.

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Would you have an English lesson at 7.00am?

Would you have an English lesson at 7.00am? Well, would you? It’s an interesting question, and as I discovered it has multiple answers…

There is the student’s point of view and also the teacher’s point of view. You could be a morning person or perhaps an evening person? We are all different. Another thing to consider is: are we talking about having an English lesson at work or at school? The latter could be in a language school or at High School or University. You could be studying at High School now or could be looking back at your time when there.

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Things we used to do!

Today let’s talk about some of the things we used to do! You’ll be surprised by just how many things have changed. This is thanks to technological change and the invention of the internet. Both of which have changed our lives dramatically...

Do you remember using a dictionary to find out how to spell something? We used to write essays and school work by hand. Today we type it and send our homework by email!

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Moving to a new home

Today, let’s talk about moving to a new home. It’s something we all go through at some point in our lives. When we do, it is normally quite a stressful process. If you are a first time buyer the task ahead can be quite daunting. Even second and third time moves can prove challenging! Let’s face it moving to a new home can be the biggest moment in your life!

Many young people these days simply rent a property. The reasons for this vary; they may prefer to do this if their job is for a limited period. Most though won’t have enough money saved for a deposit on their own property so renting is the only option.

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Social Networking Today!

Today, let’s talk about social networking. Many of us like to chat with each other using social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype or Viber. In fact, we can’t seem to live without them! Why do we use them? Because we like to communicate, especially with our family and friends. It’s also a good way to keep in touch.

Up till a few years ago we used desktop computers and laptops to communicate with each other. Today we still do; but increasingly we use mobile phones and tablets. The iPhone and iPad, as well as the Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets have helped revolutionise how we communicate with each other in many countries around the world.

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Online Dating Sites…

Today, let’s talk about online dating sites. Why do people visit them? Can you find love on the web? How many people actually marry someone they find online? Are these sites safe?

In recent years attitudes in many countries to online dating have changed. In the UK, according to YouGov, an internet market research firm, one in five relationships in the UK now begins online. Meeting via the internet is the third most popular way to find a date after ‘through friends’ or making acquaintance at a pub or bar.

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A visit to Ikea…

Today, let’s talk about Ikea. It’s a place many of us like to visit when we want something for the home. Whether it’s a new kitchen, a new sofa, or some new bedroom furniture, Ikea sells it. They also sell many other things, like curtains, bedding, and household furniture. In fact, you name it and you’ll probably find it in Ikea.

The Swedish store has had a phenomenal success rate in Europe. Founded by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943 the store has transformed home furnishings. It has allowed people to have Swedish furnishings. One in ten Europeans now has an Ikea bed. Ikea’s catalogue is the world’s most distributed publication, surpassing the bible. The stores success has made Mr Kamprad into one of the world’s richest men.

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Women facing quarter-life crisis

Today, let’s talk about women who face a quarter-life crisis. They are bright, educated and in their mid 20s and they appear to be the rising stars of the workplace. Yet one in three women is actually suffering from a ‘quarter-life crisis’. They are secretly crying in the office toilets or are so crippled with fear they dread their daily commute.

A report by investment firm Skandia claims that one in three women in their 20s with a university degree is suffering from an anxiety crisis and have even delayed entering romantic relationships as a result. Other symptoms suffered by women included loss of appetite and nightmares. Those in their late 20s were more anxious than younger people – probably because they were worried about saving for a home or providing for their families.

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Fat and disruptive passengers on aeroplanes

Today, let’s talk about fat and disruptive people on aeroplanes. It’s a good topic to talk about, as most of us have to suffer sitting next to one of these or similar when travelling on an aeroplane.

I will just add I do not wish to be discriminatory to anyone in particular whilst writing this article. However, in the last few weeks various news stories continue to be written that cover these two categories, so it makes a good talking point today!

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The Workliday

I have invented the word Workliday. The word is made up using the words work and holiday. The thing is these days how many of us actually switch off from the office when we go on holiday?

The answer is probably very few people completely switch off. With the arrival of laptops, Blackberrys and now tablets, and the easy access most people have to the internet, makes it irresistible not to turn off completely. It’s like a drug, a compulsion. We must access our emails or we might miss something.

When we do check our emails we find probably not much has changed. However, there could be that important decision we are waiting on that could change our lives forever. Nevertheless, there are many professional workers who simply can’t switch off when they take a break. They must take their mobile phone or tablet with them.

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