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E-books to outsell printed books in UK by 2018

E-books are set to outsell printed books in the UK by 2018. Sales are expected to triple over the next four years while sales of printed books will rapidly decline. This is according to a report by accounting group PwC.

The UK consumer e-book market, which excludes professional and educational books – is forecast to almost triple from £380m to £1bn over the next four years. Over the same period PwC predicts sales of printed editions will fall by more than a third to £912m as the UK‘s reading habits become dominated by tablets. PwC expect 50% of the UK to own an iPad, Kindle or a similar device by 2018.

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Traditional children’s characters being forgotten

Today, let’s talk about traditional children’s characters in books read by English children past and present. The classic books we were brought up with and whose characters we know are today being shunned by the latest generation, who prefer to play on their computer.

In a recent survey of 500 seven to 14-year-olds conducted by Worcester University some surprising results were found. One in five British children thought that Long John Silver is a character from Peter Pan while the same proportion believes Aslan was a giraffe, researchers found.

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