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Titanic II will sail in 2016!

Would you want to sail on a ship that was modelled on the original Titanic? It’s an interesting question! Risky? Romantic? Why not?

In 2016, Titanic II will set sail on its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York. It will cross the Atlantic just like the original liner almost did in 1912. Will it be iceberg free and safe? So far, 40,000 people have expressed an interest in the maiden voyage!

It was like the Titanic!

A luxury winter cruise in the Mediterranean turned into a horrific scramble for survival for 4,000 people as the giant 114,500-tonne ocean liner Costa Concordia hit rocks off the coast of Italy on Friday evening. Survivors said, “It was like the Titanic”.

The drama began when the cruise ship hit some rocks, which tore a 300ft gash along the lower side of it. The cruise ship was near the tiny Tuscan island of Giglio, off the west coast of Italy, north of Rome. Holidaymakers, who were enjoying the last day of their vacation, suddenly faced the horrifying ordeal of abandoning ship. Panic soon spread as they realised how serious the situation on board actually was.

The ship soon lurched to starboard throwing passengers all over the place. There were desperate scenes on board as people fought to survive. The ship soon flipped on its side half submerged in the sea.

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