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Summer Camp USA for Adults

Do you remember going to summer camp when you were a kid? Suddenly you grew up and it became uncool to do this any more.

Now it’s not uncool to go to summer camp. Right across the USA there are now summer camps for adults! The result is thousands and thousands of Americans are suddenly rediscovering their long lost youth. They also have a great time!

The British High School Prom

In the old days right across Britain there was the end of term or Christmas school disco. Today, thousands of schools in Great Britain put on the High School Prom for year 11 students as a reward for completing their GCSE’s. These 16 year old students will then go on to take their A levels, leave school to go to college or start work.

The High School Prom idea is based on the American-style High School Prom, which is actually geared for older 18 year old students. In Central Europe 18 year old students do a similar such thing in February by attending a Vienna style Ball.

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US Government Shuts Down!

Incredibly at the time of writing this English lesson the US government has partially shut down! Why? Because the Republicans and the Democrats couldn’t agree on the US budget by midnight on the 30th September.

The politicians were squabbling like boys fighting on a school playground about the US budget and about the elimination or at least the delay of Obamacare.

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Detroit files for bankruptcy

Detroit used to be home of the once-thriving American automobile industry. Known as Motor City, USA, the city has now applied for bankruptcy. For decades it has been struggling with spiralling debts, which now total US$18.5 billion (14 billion Euros).

While General Motors still has its headquarters there the city today is in a sorry state. Urban decline is everywhere. Some 70,000 properties lie abandoned. People have moved out to the suburbs or beyond due to no work in Detroit. The once great city is now regarded as an economic basket case. Its public services are near collapse.

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Oklahoma - After the tornado

Today, let’s talk about the devastating tornado that recently hit Oklahoma in the USA. The town of Moore near Oklahoma City took a direct hit. Entire streets were reduced to rubble as the powerful storm hit - destroying everything in its path.

Stories have emerged of the bravery of those who tried to protect others from the tornado, including the teachers who protected their students from the storm as two schools took a direct hit.

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Sandwich saga at Subway!

Recently the fast food restaurant chain Subway announced it would live up to its promise of ‘a foot long sandwich’. The announcement follows days after two men filed a lawsuit in the states (where else would anyone do this?) contesting the company was skimping on its sandwich size.

Subway said “it regrets ‘any instance’ where we did not fully deliver on our promise to our customers.” Subway said it will ‘ensure that every Subway Footlong sandwich is 12 inches long at each location worldwide.’

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Gun controls needed in America

Recently the world watched CNN and the BBC show yet another crazy American gunman going around killing American kids in school. Why? Because he had access to a gun.

Why doesn’t America face up to the simple fact that it needs gun controls? American politicians need to stop pussyfooting around and supporting the gun enthusiasts that pay large amounts of money to political parties to keep their guns and actually do something about it. Perhaps it’s more about them keeping their jobs?

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